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Giuseppe Maria Padoan

Giuseppe Maria Padoan, was born in Vicenza in 1957, where he currently lives and works.

He graduated with best marks in Architecture from Venice University in 1982 with Professor Gianugo Polesello, presenting as degree dissertation a project for the construction of a theatre in the "ex Beltrame area" in Vicenza. His dissertation was published in the review "Finalità dell'Architettura (Objectives of Architecture)", in July 1983.

He was registered in the local Architects Association on 6 April 1983, with the number 411.

He spent his years of apprenticeship in the studios of the architects Faresin Silvano and Ilario (1982-1984) and of Architect Novello Sergio (1984-1985) in Vicenza.

Since 1983 he has run his own studio in Vicenza.


Specialization in bioecological architecture with the achievement of the qualification of "technician in biocostruction" A.N.A.B.-I.B.N. (Associazione Nazionale Architettura Bioecologica in Milano, Institut fur Baubiologie + Oekologie di Neubeuern) and enrolment in the relevant national register with the number 143.

Specialization in geobiological researches and consultancies as radiesthesist; courses and refresher courses with Professor Tullio Ducati, Director of the "W. Stark Club" in Bolzano.

Specialization in Feng Shui, the Chinese ancient art of harmonizing people's energies with the energy of the surrounding space and finding the perfect balance between people's personalities and the activities they carry out. Thanks to personal researches, studies and advanced courses in the Italian territory, he learnt the rules of Feng-Shui that let an Architect create harmony between shapes, elements and materials.

Specialization in the construction, refurbishing and refitting of churches after a course that had been specifically organized by the Diocese of Vicenza in cooperation with the local Architects Association.

Specialization in the rules that govern the safety of temporary and mobile building sites. Art. 10. Law by decree 494/96.

All specific requirements were achieved to coordinate the safety in mobile building sites, art. 10, Law by decree 494/96.

Specialization in the safety of temporary and mobile building sites Law by decree 528/99 and Decree by the President of the Republic 222/2003.

Having the qualification of tester, he specialized in fire prevention projects; code VI00411A00082.

Enrolment in the register of the official technical experts of Vicenza Court with the number 1432.

Enrolment in the register of the master builders of Vicenza Court with the number 160.


Founder and co-director of "Abaco", a Cultural Association founded in Vicenza in 1985.

Secretary of Vicenza Committee for architects' fees from 1989 to 1991.

Member of the Council of Vicenza Architects Association, responsible for the Culture and Territory Committee from 1991 to 1993 and Treasurer from 1993 to 1995.

Member of Vicenza Architectural Association's IT Committee from 1996 to 1998.

Creator and editor, since 2001, of his own web site dedicated to integrated bioarchitectural projects, researches of geobiology through radiesthesia, solutions and remedies against electromagnetic pollutions and Feng Shui plans.

Lecturer of bio-architecture and of bioecological and Feng Shui planning. Teacher of courses of different levels organized every year by cultural associations, companies and public bodies in Vicenza and the surrounding area. He delivers talks at conferences and seminars in different institutions.

His book "Manuale on Feng Shui" is about to be published. For the first time, the main thirteen schools of this ancient art are gathered and explained in a book with examples of implementations of their teachings in company headquarters and residential buildings. This is the first book ever published to contain a series of tables for a correct application of the principles of such schools.

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