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The buildings that we design must be healthy, on a human scale, low energy consumption, we must create buildings where the relationship between energy of the environment and the space is perfect.

Building with the bio-architecture means giving value to the quality of the product by giving priority to all the choices that are consistent with the use of natural ecological materials, with technological plants that do not damage the health of people, with techniques for construction that do not interfere with the delicate biological balances of each of us, with the choices of sustainability and environmental requirements, with the objective of reducing consumption customary at prices very accessible to all, with the choice to reduce pollution that surrounds us and that poisons. It must develop the knowledge that "a house that consumes less worth much more" and helps to respect the environment.

This is the value of a "class A" building capable of using comfort less than a quarter of normal consumption for the winter , at the same time with a perfect acoustic insulation and an ideal indoor climate in every environment affording sustainable costs easily depreciable in a few years.

As guarantee for the customer, the Studio Padoan certifies the quality of the project and of the implementation by releasing three certifications:

energy, acoustics, sustainability.

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